Andrea Lowell on Raw Nutrition and the Value of Great Mentors

“Everyone is a teacher.” -Andrea Lowell

I want to thank our first guest Andrea Lowell for generously offering her time to answer my questions with clarity and insight. Personally, I took away some things I will use in my own life but I’ll let her words speak to you as said by her.

Andrea is an Entertainer, Nutritionist,, and Personal Trainer. She studied biology at University of California, Irvine and later at the Mind Body Institute. She is certified in 7 different fitness and nutrition related certifications including Yoga For Trainers, TRX, and Tabata. Andrea is the founder and owner of Superfit by Andrea, a program that serves to combine her knowledge of functional training and superfoods.

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What made you want to be a Personal Trainer?

[My trainer was the one who originally suggested it to me.] I was a bit resistant at first, as I had a thriving career in entertainment. But I couldn’t shake the idea, I decided: I’ll do both!

Now, I work full time as a Personal Trainer and Raw Nutritionist and will occasionally do some freelance hosting or acting work, if it flows with my schedule. I listened to my inner guide and am now living a life where I can help assist others to their greatest potential in their physical form! It’s very rewarding to be of service and to teach others the skills and knowledge that I have acquired through my own journey into the world of health and fitness.

What’s the hardest aspect of your job?

Getting people to change their diet. The perception is that it’s far too difficult to eat healthy. I aim to shift the perception of the client, to empower them to eat healthy as a reward to their thriving bodies. After all, nourishment comes from real, whole, unprocessed foods, not from “diet” foods or chemical crap. This process usually involves a bit of education on my part. So, I do my best to teach what each individual client needs to go to tweak their current diet into one that’s in pure alignment with their health/fitness goal!

What’s the most valuable resource as a personal trainer? What’s your most valuable tool?

The most valuable resources to me through my journey have definitely been the Master Trainers who have mentored me. I feel such gratitude to have been educated by such talent and wisdom!

On a tangible level, a valuable tool is going to be a plyo box or a TRX!!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

“You don’t know what you don’t know.” – Shannon McMullen, Master Trainer and Powerlifter

Shannon taught me to never rest on my laurels when it comes to being on top of sports science. She encouraged me to never be at a place where I’m like, “Yes. It’s figured out.” Because then my ego supersedes my ability to know and grow more as a trainer and nutritionist. Best advice, ever. Life changing, actually.

Is there any advice that people in your industry give that you disagree with?

Almost everything! The whole “animal protein is necessary” concept. The necessity of bogus supplements, tracking of macros, and calorie counting. The “everyone should be on a body building program” concept that most trainers use. No two clients should have the same program, because no two people have the same deficits, goal, or capability. I train men and women completely different, by the way.

But my main grievance is with outdated dietary advice that people in my industry have such a hard time deviating from.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about personal trainers?

That we are bone heads! Quite the contrary! My colleagues are some of the most brilliant people I know! Fitness is a science and most of us have extensive education in the fields of biology, kinesiology, etc.

In the last six months, what’s been a product that has positively impacted your life that costs under $100?

Flat training shoes! There’s a reason body builders and lifters wear Chuck’s at the gym! Hint: it’s not a style thing! It’s so we can actually push through our heels to activate our glutes. This is hindered when we wear lifted heels, as most athletic shoes have! You can grab a pair of Converse (or similar) anywhere from Nordstrom to Shoe City, as cheap as $19.99! If you squat, you need flat shoes!

What’s the number one thing you repeat to your clients?

“Think strong thoughts.” We are what we believe we are. Beliefs shape thoughts. Thoughts shake actions. Actions shape behavior. Behaviors shape our character. If I can help someone believe they are strong, then take the action that validates it, they will BE strong! The power of the mind needs to trained as well the physical!

What’s been the biggest triumph of your career?

Any client that I take from a Standard American Diet to a plant-based diet of true health is a success! But, a specific triumph comes to mind! A client of mine just had her 3rd back-to-back baby. Her lower abs were completely dead. She was about 100 pounds overweight, had minimal sleep, and was a full-time, on-call doctor out of a major hospital. After I gained her trust with my biomechanics knowledge, she decided to go against the grain of what she believed to be “healthy” (symptom management) and give my Raw Diet a go, with full dedication. We worked out 2-3x a week, she went fully raw, and lost the weight in about 7 months. Her abs are full functional, she looks amazing and sculpted, and now actually needs less sleep, because her body isn’t wasting it’s precious energy on digesting animal proteins, dairy, and overbearing detoxification. The best part is, her turnaround has lead her inspiring others in her hospital to turn to plants and fitness for their health goals! You’d be shocked at how many doctors she’s inspired to switch to a raw-dominant diet!

When you feel overwhelmed or unfocused, or have lost your focus temporarily, what do you do? (If helpful: What questions do you ask yourself?)

When I feel unfocused, I remember why I am doing this: to help others; to show people the way to true wellness. It’s up to us as individuals to help each other. That keeps me in the game! I am in alignment with my purpose when I am of service to my fellow man!

Or what are one to three books that have greatly influenced your life?

“A Way to Self Knowledge,” Rudolf Steiner

“The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success,” Dr. Deepak Chopra

“The Wisdom of the Ages,” Dr. Wayne Dyer

If you could have a gigantic billboard anywhere with anything on it — metaphorically speaking, getting a message out to millions or billions — what would it say and why?

Everyone is a Teacher 💛✨🙌🏼

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